Thank you for choosing Lainie Hiller Photography for your memories.

It's important to note that I am not a videographer, but the equipment I use for my professional photography is better than the cell phones for these events. So- I am basing the quality of these videos on that - better than your cell phone :) You can tell which files are the videos, as they haven't been corrected for white balance, so will look a little "yellow" compared to the still images. You can download and share/keep the videos too.

These student musicians are amazing- what they do with limited budget and time is phenomenal.

Congratulations to all of these kids and also to Chris Fettig :)

These images are UNEDITED and UNCULLED. They are literally downloaded from the camera, and then uploaded here.

Watermark does not appear on correctly downloaded images- I only put it on there to encourage you not to right-click and download an inferior quality file ;)

If you download correctly using the icons, you get the full resolution file- enjoy.

There is no charge for these images at this time- you do not need to buy them to download however many you want- please just use the download icon/arrow next to the image that you would like.

If you need help downloading images or videos, please email me at

Please consider supporting the music/arts programs at Bemidji High School with a donation directly to the program- ticket sales go to the General Fund, not directly to the programs.

I love it when you tag me when posting to social media @lainiehillerphotography

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