Thank you for choosing Lainie Hiller Photography for your memories.

This gallery is shared for its value for memories, and NOT for photographic quality.

The kids zoomed up and down the stairs, accepted awards in the darkest part of the auditorium, and it was far from ideal *shrug*.

That being said, the photos are just above the quality of a decent cell phone.

Thanks to the awesome Kim Bolte, who was co-opted to run the video- there is an individual video for each scholarship so that you can download and share on social media of just your child, and not the two hours of the whole awards ceremony. If you want to watch that, I believe it's on the school's YouTube channel.

Obviously there is no charge for any of these images. Downloaded images/videos do not have a watermark- just click the icon next to each.

They should load/display chronologically- so you can look for the image of your student accepting their award and the video should follow thereabouts. Images that look blurry are likely video files.

A program should appear at the top of the gallery for reference (thanks Becky Bunker for sharing that with me). If you need assistance with the download of these images, please contact at

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