CONGRATULATIONS to all seniors. These images are yours to enjoy, at no cost- please just use the download icon next to each image to download. There is no purchase required.

I'd like to gently remind that I am the only professional, accredited photographer consistently attending games in the area- and have been since 2016. I am not paid for my time or images, unless purchases are made- if you have enjoyed seeing quality, professional images of you or your child, please consider making a purchase to show your support.

I cannot continue to attend games without purchases.

Please consider supporting through a purchase- I'm the only photographer who has consistently shot game after game in the Bemidji area since 2016. Support from the families who have enjoyed looking at their child's sporting images means a lot. If you're a booster club member, please consider ways that you can show me as much support as I've shown to your sport- hiring me to shoot games, create banners, etc., 

This serves as your personal print release (see below for details).A reminder that as per your contract, you may not alter or edit these images (cropping is acceptable, as long as you don't degrade the image quality). This means you must avoid the temptation to slap a filter on them for social media ;)

Please do tag me when posting on social media - LainieHillerPhotography on IG and FB.

To download, please simply click the download arrow next to each image.

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