Screengrabbing images is stealing- make no mistake; it is just the same as shoplifting.

Please don't use screenshots- even if "just on social media" or as your profile picture. Please purchase the images instead; using a screenshot of an image is copyright infringement.

Photography is a skill. It requires years of practice, much proficiency, and very expensive equipment. Sports photography requires just as much skill and proficiency as any other form- and sometimes more- in order to consistently capture professional images. 

When you screengrab, you’re violating copyright and stealing a product. I realise this is mostly unintentional, but please be aware of the consequences- "this is why we can't have nice things".

Screenshots = stealing

Thank you for your understanding.

*To ask that an image of you, or your child, be removed please contact, clearly stating the gallery name, and file #. Thank you.

There are DIFFERENT images of this game at

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