This gallery has been generously sponsored

by the Bemidji Lumberjacks Girls' Soccer Booster Club.

As it is a state game, and the last that many of these athletes will play at the high school level, I have provided many more images than would normally feature in a game gallery. Similarly, many of these images are not necessarily held to the same photography standard, but are provided purely for the memories that they will give to these athletes and their families and friends.

(as can be seen in the sequence of images of the Jacks' FIRST GOAL AT STATE- WOOT!).

When sharing to social media, tagging me in your photos is always appreciated. LainieHillerPhotography on IG and FB, and lhillerphoto on Twitter.

*To ask that an image of you, or your child, be removed please contact, clearly stating the gallery name, and file #. Thank you.

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