Bemidji vs Detroit Lakes, May 28, 2018 - Lainie Hiller Photography

Screengrabbing/reposting images/using screenshots as profile pictures on social media, etc.

Please don't use screenshots- purchase the images instead.; using a screenshot of an image is copyright infringement.

That image that you have grabbed has value, otherwise you wouldn’t want it. Just like any other style of photography- senior, family, wedding, etc- my photography has value.

When you see me at a game, I know that you go to my website to try to find your images, and love it when you find one showing you excelling at sport, or having fun with your friends. I see my images posted all over social media, and the majority of them have not been purchased.

There are those who choose to give away their images, and you should thank them- that is their choice, and they work hard.

However, please do not judge that this is my business that supports my family, and my images reflect that professional quality.

“If one person steals an apple from a street vendor, they think it doesn’t make a difference- it’s just one apple. When every person steals an apple, it puts the apple seller out of business”.

Photography is a skill. It requires years of practise, much proficiency, and very expensive equipment. Sports photography requires just as much skill and proficiency as any other form- and sometimes more- in order to consistently capture professional images. 

When you screengrab, you’re violating copyright and stealing all of the apples. I realise this is mostly unintentional, but please be aware of the consequences- "this is why we can't have nice things".

My photography literally helps feed my family.

Thank you for your understanding.

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